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Exclusively Bespoke and Holistic Tattooing

Stockholm Alternative

The journey of the Tattoo is as important as its destination

Sweden´s home of Pattern based tattooing, Stockholm Alternative is an exclusively bespoke and holistic tattoo studio based in the magnificent Gamla Stan. The studio is internationally known and recommended by tattoo connoisseurs worldwide.

Stockholm Alternative primarily features the work of Swedish designer and tattooist Touka Voodoo. 

The studio periodically hosts visiting guest artists, among whom are Fraktalism, Blvck Acid Kvlt, Brody Polinsky, Isa Myling, Historical Tattoo, Mare Blk, Habba Nero, Boff Konkerz, Cammy Stewart, Yonah Krank, Valerio Cancellier of the Brutal Black Project.

Stockholm Alternative is a spacious tattoo studio and bookings are made with care to provide as much space and privacy as possible for each client.  The philosophy is that the journey of the tattoo is equally important as its destination, and this is why, the atmosphere is carefully arranged for you to enter your own world of meditation during your very important tattoo event.

Stockholm Alternative is a proud member of the covenant of registered Swedish tattoo artists, Sveriges registrerade tatuerare and Gamla stan's cultural association, Hembygdsföreningen Gamla Stan.

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