Sweden´s home of Pattern based tattooing, Stockholm Alternative is an exclusively bespoke and holistic tattoo studio based in the magnificent Gamlastan. The studio is internationally known and recommended by tattoo connoisseurs worldwide.

The aim before anything else is to enhance your body with the help of elegant patterns. There are many possibilities to re-shape the body if a great design is planned with the intention. Some clients are heavily tattooed, some clients are tattoo artists themselves but there are also many who come to us at a mature age, with a completely un-tattooed body.

Stockholm Alternative is conducted by Touka Voodoo, known for his distinct style of freehand bold and symmetrical patterns and his exceptional expertise in tattooing the Cock ! ( Click for Touka Voodoo ! ) Regular guests include Cammy Stewart and Valerio Cancellier of the Brutal Black Project, Yonah Krank, Wściekly Kot, Boff Konkerz, and the Icelandic Stave magician Habbanero who tattoos exclusively machine free.

This is not a commercial factory, we put great care into what we do and we do this without overcharging the humans who come to us because somehow we believe that decorating your body in this way will liberate you as a person and this liberation gives us the greatest joy and the reason to do it.

This is a spacious studio that is booked with care to give you absolute privacy when getting tattooed. There are many ways to approach the tattoo, This studio offers a holistic approach: we believe that firstly a design should be based on you as a unique, "whole" person, not just a body part. Your personality, energy, and style are always taken into great consideration when planning your design. We believe that the journey of the tattoo is equally important as its destination. This is why Stockholm Alternative is a special place with an atmosphere carefully arranged to allow you to have the possibility to feel safe and calm enough to enter your own world of meditation during your tattoo procedure.

Stockholm Alternative is a proud member of the covenant of registered Swedish tattoo artists, Sveriges registrerade tatuerare and Gamlastans cultural association, Hembygdsföreningen Gamla Stan.

The Golden Rules,

- Achievement of Individuality

- Body Enhancement
-Tattoo journey exploration
- Respect, Care and the Highest Standard of Hygiene