Magic is within you already, I'd like to meet you, find it, and make it visible. To become your own fantasy during your lifetime is an incredibly liberating and exciting experience.


My name is Touka Voodoo. I'm interested in creating Super beings !

My approach to tattooing is Holistic and Bespoke. Bespoke, meaning my designs are always made exclusively for each client. Holistic, not only because I'm interested in providing a therapeutic experience during the procedure but also because I like to take the "WHOLE" person into consideration when working on a tattoo. Style, Personality, Energy and Body shape are paid great attention to and the design is made bespoke, accordingly. The Übermensch is within us all, to me it is the inner self who many of us live a lifetime without revealing or connecting with. Once the inner self is made visible, there is an undeniable sense of power and self confidence that comes with the achievement.
I am a transgender man who has experienced life both as female and male. My parents, grandparents, and great grandparents were stage professionals working with Theater and Film so from a young age I was encouraged to explore fantasy and to celebrate my individuality, something that I'd like to give back to my clients. I am a Swedish Persian Londoner and have mostly lived in London, United Kingdom. My bi-racial, bi-gender, bi-sexual and multi-dimensional life experience has given me not only a great understanding of humans but also an insight into how much a good body transformation can help us become happier people. 

I'm 48 years old and began tattooing in 2007 in England. My apprenticeship and residency took place at a studio called "London Tattoo" in north London. In 2001 I met and got tattooed by my mentor, the great tattoo master, Xed Lehead, also known as the godfather of Dotwork tattooing, who was never to become my traditional teacher but who thought me more about tattooing than anyone else ever did. At the time, Xed worked at one of London's most progressive tattoo studios,  “Into You”  conducted by Alex Binnie, a very important figure in British tattoo history.  In 2009, the king/queen of the London fetish scene, Mad Alan, an awesome experimental sculptor known for his gigantic erotic metal sculptures and Xed Lehead opened the legendary Divine Canvas tattoo studio in Islington, London. I joined them a month later and worked full time at the studio until as a result of Xed's sudden and terrible nerve damage condition, it all came to an end after an unforgettable decade. An incredibly demanding work environment, with an awesome selected team of some of the world's most innovative artists, Divine Canvas marked its name in the British Tattoo history as a very important studio for the development and advancement of pattern-based tattooing and heavy body modification. In Summer 2016, I moved back to Stockholm to lay the foundation for Stockholm Alternative.

My work has been published in a few good tattoo books such as the Bible of Blackwork tattooing, The Black Tattoo Art2, by Marisa Kakoulas, The Spirit Behind the Tattoo by Maria Keilig, and the TTT Contemporary Tattooing : A survey of 300 of the best international tattoo artists working today, all of whom work towards pushing the boundaries of the art form.

It also makes me happy to have my tattoo work on a full-sized silicon arm included in the permanent exhibition, "Hundred hands" curated by Alice Snape at the National Maritime Museum in Cornwall, United Kingdom.
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