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Stockholm Alternative

Exclusively Bespoke and Holistic Tattooing

Touka Voodoo

Tattooing since 2007


My name is Touka Voodoo. 

I'm interested in creating Super beings!

My approach to tattooing is Holistic and Bespoke.

My aim before anything else is to enhance your body with the help of elegant bespoke patterns. Bespoke, means that after having a consultation together, I will plan a design based on your personality, style, energy, interests and of course, body type. There are great possibilities to reshape and transform the body if the design is planned with the attention and the intention.

When planning a design, I get inspired by imagining my clients as superbeings in a saga, and then I "dress" them with their tattoo based on that fantastical character. The process is not complicated; I put effort into good communication and a thorough consultation. The rest is magic. The most important question is: ‘Who are you?’ I want the tattoo to express that, whether it is a full body suit or something small on your arm.

Publications featuring my work :

-The Black Tattoo Art2

by Marisa Kakoulas

-The Spirit Behind the Tattoo

by Maria Keilig

-QTTR, Queer Tattoo

by Florian Rudolph, Benjamin Wolbergs and Brody Polinsky

-TTT Contemporary Tattooing

By Nick Schonberger, A survey of 300 of the best international tattoo artists working today, all of whom work towards pushing the boundaries of the art form.

National Maritime Museum - Cornwall, United Kingdom

Silicon arm tattooed by me can be viewed at the permanent exhibition, "Hundred hands" curated by Alice Snape at the National Maritime Museum.

My Past,
Born 1972 into a prominent, multi generational family of theatre professionals with diverse ethnic backgrounds, I embarked on a journey of comprehensive body modification as an adult. This includes full-body tattooing, testosterone hormone therapy, and mastectomy.

17 years ago, in 2007 I initiated my Tattoo journey in England, leading me to an apprenticeship at "London Tattoo"  in North London. In 2001, a pivotal encounter with my mentor, the revered tattoo master Xed Lehead—renowned as the godfather of Dotwork tattooing had left an indelible mark on my artistic development. Although not my conventional teacher, Xed significantly influenced my craft and perspective on tattooing. During that period, Xed was associated with "Into You," a progressive tattoo studio in London led by one of the most influential figures in British tattoo history, Alex Binnie.

In 2009, a significant chapter unfolded as Mad Alan, an awesome experimental Iron sculptor and a prominent figure in the London "alternative" scene, collaborated with Xed Lehead to establish the iconic Divine Canvas tattoo studio in Islington, London. I joined Divine Canvas shortly after, to work full time alongside an extraordinary team, all of whom have become some of the world's most innovative artists. Divine Canvas earned a lasting place in British Tattoo history as a crucial hub for the evolution of pattern-based tattooing and advanced body modification. Sadly Xed who recently passed away, became quite unwell due to severe nerve damage and Divine Canvas dispersed slowly. At that point I made the decision to move back home to Sweden.