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My name is Touka Voodoo. A superior Cock!   is what I aim to give every client when they come to me for this very unique transformation. Superior, because without a doubt, your cock will become MUCH more exciting and attractive once it is decorated beautifully. I use my tattoo and design experience to plan a design that will not only feel empowering and erotic but also age well and work well with the flexible nature of the cock. The design MUST look great when the cock is erected and when it isn't.  Many may imagine screaming, gore, and sadistic behaviour when thinking of this procedure, on the contrary, I believe that it is highly important that each step of the transformation feels as good as it possibly can, from the Tattoo procedure to the healing, to the Result. If interested in having your own Superior Cock, send me an email for a free-of-charge/obligation consultation. Many clients travel from abroad for this procedure, consultations in that case, will be conducted via email.

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